Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Page 16

Any readers that have kept up with the first 16 pages of The Wonder City on this blog may be wondering about the artistic process involved in creating this comic. I can't speak for the scribe Justin, who probably does his writing while lounging in a smoking jacket effortlessly tossing brilliant page after page of script onto a plush bear skin rug (I'm pretty sure this is what writers do, right?), but my artistic gristmill is just as glamorous. When you read The Wonder City in its final bound form, I hope you'll imagine me wrapped in my Gramma's red afghan (limited heat in this apartment), in the middle of my bed, with a marathon of Criminal Minds on in the background, Google image searching terms like "whale eyeballs" and "sewer rats" and mastering the art of sketching Velma's hair-do.
This is how I've spent most of my free time in January and February, but I must be doing something right though, 63 pages down, 30something to go!

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