Friday, December 24, 2010

First-Look Friday--Pg. 74

On page 74 we join Velma at her favorite watering hole with her best friend, Dottie Cento, and her trusty bartender, Fox. These guys came out of Velma's journals from her Barnard days in the early 30's which were being blogged by yours truly (someday yours truly will actually finish them). Dottie was Velma's fast-talking, hooch-swilling roommate from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (now a lawyer). Fox was a bartender at a speakeasy near their campus who, after Prohibition, went on to legally tend bar downtown.

They were characters created long after the first book was written but their strong personalities found their way into this story too. Basically when I looked at the first script in its entirety I realized Velma needed a little friendly relief from all the chaos that was going on around her. Fox and Dottie seemed to be the perfect anecdote.

So with that a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from The Wonder City.

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