Monday, January 14, 2008


I found this in my gmail inbox on Saturday evening. It was the inspiration to explain why I had taken a week off. Apparently I'm being watched.

Dear Mr. Rivers:

Hello, my name is Nick Fish. I am Velma Graydon's current assistant. Although we haven't met, I know quite a bit about you from Ms. Graydon. She speaks highly of you. In October she informed me that you would be "blogging" her journals and was happy that you had volunteered for the job. She also said that you and a counterpart are working on a graphic novel involving some of the incidents covered in said journals. All of these projects sound exciting, but I was a bit dissappointed to see that you have neglected the blog now for over a week. I have not reported this to Velma, but she has asked me to begin printing the entries out so she can read them (more for her own amusement, I think). I told her I would start next week since we are both busy on a project and she would have little time to peruse them now. Consider it a friendly heads-up.

Also, Velma has finally completed the profile request you asked her for in November. She spent a great deal of time on the content. I will put the letter in the mail come Monday morning. Lastly, Velma said that, through a friend, she has come across a series of letters from Edwina Tulip of Brooklyn, New York to her sister Hazel Bumble of Southampton, England. She wanted me to relay that if you had interest in them, the Tulip family was ammendable to your using them in your research. Please let me know and I will pass those along as well.

Thank you for your time,


Nick Fish.

My response:

Dear Mr. Fish,

Glad to meet you albeit over gmail. I assure you that I haven't abandoned the project. Just took some time off to rest the fingers. By Monday I will be back in action moving at a greater speed (I hope). As for Velma's letter, I greatly appreciate it and would love nothing more than to look at the letters from Edwina Tulip. I assume you have my address in Brooklyn.

Have a good one,

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