Friday, March 14, 2008


"Why don't I give you what you came all the up here for, huh?"

I actually forgot there was a purpose to this meeting other than freezing ourselves for the sake of a tuna sandwich. I neglected to mention that it really was one of the best tuna sandwiches I had ever had. It was something about the amount of mayo she used in concert with the celery bits. I'm always a sucker for celery. "Right, the letters."

"And my profile. Nicky wanted to type it out, but I thought handwritten would be much more personal."

"You can scan the note and put it on the blog," Courtney offered as she sketched.

Nick perked up, "With Velma's permission." He turned to Velma, "Would you be okay with that?"

She hit him across his shoulder with her gloved hand. "Would you stop it! Quit showing off in front of guests. What the hell do I care if he posts my note? He's gonna put it on there anyway. You're not my mother, Nicky, so cool it."

"I'm watching out for your interests, Velma." I have a feeling they've had arguments of this nature before. Nick didn't seemed phased by the retribution.

"I already told you, we can trust this one. He's a good egg."

Nick just looked at me suspiciously. "I assume. He doesn't appear threatening."

I kept all of the many comments I could make to myself.

Velma growled a little and opened her satchel. "God, this kid. He's lucky he's good at what he does." She carefully pulled out a brown package wrapped in newspaper with a white envelope on top of it. "Here. The package is the letters. The envelope is my profile."

"So about these letters-"

"Yeah. Return them to me when you're done and I'll give them back to Laural. They said use 'em for whatever."

"What if I added them on to the blog?"

"They said whatever."

"Should I call one of them and ask?"

Velma took out a piece of scrap paper and pen from her pocket. She quickly scribbled a number on the scrap, "This is Laural's number. Her full name is Lauralea Tulip. Although she's married now, I don't know if she took his name. Wilcott or Walcott, I think the husband's name is. She lives in Brooklyn by the park."

"Do you know where? Courtney and I live over there."

"I forgot the address, but it's close to the park. Call her. I'm sure she'll be fine with it."

"What about Owen?" I asked. I noticed everyone sort of snapped out of where ever they were and looked at Velma. Courtney stopped sketching. I couldn't help but ask.

"What about him?" She said quickly.

"Does he live there?"

"Yeah, they all live in the same house."

"Could I talk to him?"

"Look, sweetheart, don't bother Owen. You know me, I don't mind the fuss. Owen likes it quiet."

I knew I hit a nerve with Owen. As Nick is protective of Velma, I think, knowing what I know, Velma is protective of Owen. And just who Owen is, will be answered soon enough.

"Nicky, did we feed Mimi, yet." Mimi is one of the peacocks, for those who might not remember.

"I haven't."

"Alright, go do that for me, while I wrap up with these guys."

Nick immediately got up and gathered his things. "Well it was very nice meeting you both."

"Good meeting you, Nick," I said.

"Yeah, bye, nice meeting you," Courtney said distracted with her work.

"Be there in a minute, Nicky," Velma said as he was walking off. Velma whispered a couple of things in my ear. She asked that it not be put on the blog. "So I'm glad you finally got these letters." She forced herself up.

"So am I. And thank you for the tuna sandwich." I got up and grabbed her by the arm. "Let me help you."

"I'm not an invalid sweetheart."

"I know, but I would love to have the honor."

"Oh, such a gentleman. Courtney, are we done?"

"Well, no. But I have enough to work off of."

"Am I beautiful?" She asked with a grin.


"Good, maybe I'll get a man from this blog."

"Maybe," I said.

"I hope he's not one of those internet weirdos," Velma cackled.

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