Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Courtney seemed to think that it was perfectly natural that Velma wouldn’t cancel. I was left to question if I was insane for thinking eating tuna fish sandwiches outside on a frigid February afternoon was crazy.

“Old people love being outside,” She said on the phone when I called to tell her we were on.

“I do too, but this is a little extreme.”

“Justin, this woman has two peacocks and does yoga at the age of 95. I think everything about her is a little extreme.”

“Right. Well, she must be doing something right…. Ok, well I’ll meet you up there at one. Oh. I think she wants you to sketch her.”

“What makes you think that?”

“She mentioned that she got her hair done in the event that you wanted to sketch her. So wear thin gloves.”

“Oh great,” not said in an exciting tone.

“Yeah. Extreme.”

“You’re not gonna write this conversation out on the blog are you?”

“Oh no, I don’t have time for that.” I didn't even cross my fingers.

“Good, I don’t want Velma to think I’m talking bad about her.”

“Please. She’d love it.”

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  1. I will finish my portrait of velma for you to post when you write about lunch. that being said, i can't believe you wrote me into the blog. yay!