Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Velma's Journal--November 30, 1931

I am back in the city after Thanksgiving. I absent-mindedly left my journal behind at Barnard. Not that there was much to report from Saratoga. The Graydons came down to my parent's for dinner on Thursday. There was my Aunt Eunice and Uncle Joe Graydon who came with my cousins Sandra, Richard, and Michael. All of whom are younger than myself, even though Sandra is engaged at the age of 16. Mother was quick to point that out more than once. Her fiancee did not attend dinner. He spent it with his family, which I found queer seeing as that they are engaged.

My grandmother, Eleanor, came down from Maine, where she has gone to live with her younger sister, Viola. Grannie Ellie, I had taken to calling her as a child, was from the coast of Maine and came to live here when she married my grandfather, Henry. He hailed from Saratoga but was logging in Maine for a summer to make money to start his apple orchard. They met in June and married in September. He brought her back to Saratoga and they had one child, my mother. Hence my mother being from Saratoga and my brother's namesake. Mother, I feel, has secretly resented her own mother's decision to live with her sister instead of her own daughter. Grannie Ellie said she was always meant to live by the sea, and so after Grandpa died, she left.

Grannie sat intently and listened to my stories for hours on end about the city. She's never been and swears she'll make it down at some point before she dies. Grannie is only 74 and the Morgan women live to ripe old ages. I told her she has plenty of time and when I graduate, I will find an apartment with a spare room just for her. She is a very independent women and had always served as my model. Although she is warm, she is dignified, smart, and strong. What I strive to be.

It snowed on Saturday and father hooked the sleigh up to one of the horses. He brought me out on a ride and told me that he was proud to have a daughter in college. He truly is the most dear thing in my life. It was Grannie Ellie and he who make coming home a pleasant experience.

But I am most happy to be back even if I will now be inundated with finals and most likely, not writing that often.

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