Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Velma's Journal--ON THE PHONE WITH VELMA #4

JUSTIN: Hello.

VELMA: Sweetheart! It’s Velma.

J: Hey Velma! What’s up?

V: I hear you’ve been gettin’ cozy with my Nicky.

J: Well if you call two emails, cozy.

V: He hates it when I call him Nicky. He’s all work. No fun. But I guess that’s good in an assistant, huh?

J: Sounds like it would be. I wouldn’t know. I don’t have one.

V: Real smart kid though.

J: He seems it.

V: Anyway, he’s been printing me out some of the entries. What a gas to read them in print. I still think I sounded like a square, but whatta ya gonna do. Hey, everyone thinks they’re important when they’re 19, right?

J: God knows, I did.

V: Right, wait till you start hitting the stuff in the 50’s. I thought I was freakin’ Virginia Woolf. It’s tough to hold onto. All thoughts, none of the depression.

J: Great, it should only take me about 5 years to get there.

V: Tell me about it. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be dead by time you finish ’31.

J: Ha, ha. Not unless you plan on dying by the end of the month.

V: Sweetheart, it could be by the end of the day.

J: Oh stop.

V: The reason why I’m calling, if you can believe there’s a reason, is for you to come and get these letters.

J: Yes, I’d be happy to do it.

V: I just feel nervous putting these things in the mail since they were hand-delivered to me.

J: Not a problem.

V: What days are good for you?

J: I’m usually off Fridays.

V: That’s a nice racket.

J: Yeah it is. It’s the only time I really get to work on the blog.

V: I see.

J: Also, next Tuesday I’m in Washington Heights so I could drop by then.

V: Why don’t you come up on Friday? Meet me at the Peace Fountain at one o'clock. That’s where I eat my lunch.

J: Even in February?

V: Especially in February. Do you want me to bring some lunch for you? Strike that! I am. Don’t eat before you come.

J: Really, don’t worry—

V: Clamp it! I make a mean tuna fish. Bring Courtney if you want.

J: She probably has to work, but I’ll ask her.

V: Good, she can sketch me. I’d love to cause a scene in public.

J: I bet.

V: Alright kiddo, gotta run. See you on Friday.

J: Yup. Have a good one.

V: Bye now.

J: Bye.

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