Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventures in Lettering the Wonder City

Justin here! So I'm the guy who's lettering The Wonder City and I thought I would give you little taste of how it's going.

Yeah so it's going.

In the bottom left-hand corner is my trusty ames letterer. It's the preferred draftsman's tool for making straight, evenly spaced lines (this one was a birthday gift from Courtney). Basically the comic needs to be lettered before the panels are detailed and inked. Then once we're positive they're in the perfect spot, the words themselves are inked and the bubbles are crafted.  And I say crafted because I am NOT coordinated enough to do that. It's all Courtney.

I am still very new at this and just now, feel confident enough to say that I almost understand the mechanics of the process. There's been a ton of trial and error. In this panel you see the outline of Velma emphatically trying to get her point across to her associate Jack Rapalje (more on him later on). I apologize for the photo quality. My phone isn't the best.

1 comment:

  1. awe, man! show off a panel i actually finished properly instead of one i saved for later because i couldn't get her shoulders right! :)

    also, kudos to you because i hate that fucking ames guide!