Thursday, March 18, 2010

Velma's Journal--May 20, 1932

May 20, 1932

Finals are over!! Most of the girls are packing up to return home or travel to more exotic locations. I've decided to stay in New York and not spend the summer in Saratoga. I was told that there would be plenty for me to do at my post and Mr. Rapalje has offered me side work at his home for the summer. Apparently I'll be organizing his library.

Barnard said we all have to leave the dormitories for the recess so the Cento family was gracious enough to offer me a home with them in Brooklyn. Dottie and I will be sharing a room so not much will change in that regard. Sarah also has an aunt on her mother's side who owns a house down in Far Rockaway near the beach. Needless to say I'll be taking her up on that offer at least once or twice as I've been told summers in New York City can be quite brutal. 

Been keeping track of our Mayor's corruption trial. I still don't quite understand the Tammany Machine, but I've heard it's the most vile thing going in city politics. The misdeeds go one for pages. This judge Seabury and Governor Roosevelt will not rest until Mayor Walker is removed from his office. 

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