Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inky Fingers

Just in time for the start of manicure/pedicure season, I begin inking The Wonder City once again!

After a little practice with my nibs (it's been 9 months since I inked pages 1-21!), I worked up the confidence to start on page 28. Despite my shaky caffeine hands, things were going pretty well until I got a nice smear on the word "Plunk" and a big splotch of ink on my elbow. After I finish inking, I'll go through with a tiny brush and white paint and fix boo-boos and lighten up some spots to create texture. Then the page is ready for Photoshop.

Here are photos of my progress and my tools. With 80 pages to go, it's going to be a busy spring and summer!

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