Friday, March 26, 2010

Velma's Journal--June 3, 1932

June 3, 1932

Read a review of the new Garbo film. They say it may be her last on the American screen. It's called "As You Desire Me." An adaptation of a Pirandello play. She supposed to be a cabaret entertainer in Budapest. I'll try and convince Dottie to see it with me. Maybe even Sarah if she's free. I just love Garbo's style. The way she speaks and how she carries herself. Such a class act in my book. Somehow I strongly doubt it's her last role. She's still quite young. 

Regardless, it is warm day today and I have no work to speak of. Monday I start with Mr. Rapalje's library and it seems most of my days will be filled with dusty old books. Heaven really!

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